Opening at P/////AKT on Sunday 19 November, 16 – 19 hrs, 23 November – 22 December, Thursday – Sunday, 14 – 18 hrs, 
Groenhoedenveem 2 (entrance around the corner at Veemkade)

A slim band, something that binds, and a range of frequencies.

🌴: In the forests of Maluku, my tale does unfurl, together there, nature and people, they whirl.
Sagu tree’s shield alike, I hide something deep, In Melanesian hearts, my secret they keep.
What am I, this quality strong and yet tender, A trait in the hearts that no storm can hinder?

🦎: What are you??

🌴: I am soft, and protected by my bark.

Do you know what motivated the Dutch Metroxylon Sagu tree to exchange letters with a botanical philosopher?

🦎: Tell me plz.

🌴:They thought these philosophers were skilled at helping plants uncover their ‘root’ issues!

🦎: I love that. I’ve dreamed of settling deeper into my body too.

🌴: Do you know how the uprooted tree felt about being lost?

🦎: Idk.

🌴: It looked for the nearest wifi, just to feel connected.📡