The exhibition Art Park: Finding Natural Beauty in North seeks to reflect on the meaning of the presence (or absence) of Nature in the city. Why is it important to include and preserve green spaces inside the city? In what aspect is the cohabitation and protection of other species essential for human life in an urban context? What can we learn from Nature?

Humans are building more, mainly to make cities larger to accommodate a growing population. This has immense consequences not only on the surrounding environments, but also in further away places where the materials for construction are sourced.

Throughout the exhibition, various art workshops and side activities will be organised, such as talks with local environmentalists, ecology experts and artists, performance evenings, and a market with local products and nature healers from Amsterdam Noord.

PARTICIPATING ARTISTS: Mandy Metz, Can Bora, Peter de Boer, Anna Berendsen, Valentin Bakardjiev, Vico Persson, Moon van Drunen, Bas Burghard, Alejandra Díaz-Guerra Acedo, Bert Barten, Esther Kin, Eveline Alders and Merel Schoutendorp.