Nomadic sculptures, often female, on their way in life, in the world. Sometimes pregnant with new life, but at the same time also carriers of something finite. What kind of world do they live in and how do they connect to each other and to us?
From May to the 4th of June this year artist Jellie Klaster will conduct a residency at See Lab, in which she will work on a spatial installation in the project space. See Lab invites everyone interested to drop by during this period and see her at work.
The final outcome of the residency will be revealed in a public presentation taking place on Friday 26 May at 19h. The exhibition is open to the public until the 4th of June. Opening times are Saturdays and Sundays from 1 – 5 pm, and during the week by appointment (More info on ).

About the artist
Jellie sees her work as a reflection of a philosophical inquiry into the relationship between body, mind, artist and object. What fascinates her is the question of the limits of freedom and autonomy. Is an artist free and autonomous? In a predominantly Western way of thinking, we often assume this, which makes the reciprocity, dependence and coherence of the individual with the world around him/her seem invisible. Her work arises from this philosophical thought and is at the same time a basis for how she deals with her material. It is about exploring and experimenting, searching for possibilities and boundaries of transformation, connection and making interventions. She uses tools and sometimes machines, but mostly she works with her hands and her body to create shapes in and with materials such as clay, textiles, canvas and rope.