Homies is a fashion line sparked by fighting injustices. Homies is a fashion line that explores the notions of home, from the perspective of being without a home. It is a fashion line inspired by memories related to homes left behind, and by the search for a new place to land. Homies is about how friends can become a substitute to survive feelings of not being grounded. Homies is a way out of the misery. Homies is a home in itself.

We Sell Reality will set up a clothing shop at Framer Framed, where you can look at, try on and buy the clothes from the Homies brand. The eclectic, warm, humorous, and beautiful fashion line of We Sell Reality is presented in a shop design inspired by the shape and colours of an iceberg, symbolizing the rather cold welcome refugees experience. Homies combines the old with the new. The collective mixes styles without holding back. The unapologetic freedom that speaks out of the fashion line is a testimony of resilience. With pride and joy, members of the collective create and present these fabulous designs. We encourage you to wear them out loud! Wearing Homies means solidarity with all who are displaced, and an identification with the ones unrecognised. Please visit the shop and buy the funky creations and become a ‘Homie’ too.

Beeld: Persbericht Framer Framed