It takes two to tango
14. Mai – 19. Juni 2022

Eröffnung / Soft Opening
Freitag, den 13. Mai, 18 – 22 Uhr

Sonntag, den 19. Juni, 19 Uhr
Führung mit Künstlerinnen und Kuratorin
& anschließendem Ausklang der offenen Ateliers 2022

Ulli Böhmelmann
Rabea Dransfeld
Susanne Gabler
Dorthe Goeden
Johanna Herrmann
Justyna Janetzek
Karin Schroeder
Maria Seitz
Ramona Seyfarth
Lisa Tschorn mit Sierra Diamond

Konzept und Organisation: Anett Frontzek

“Two to really get the feeling of romance. The romantic feeling sung about in the song, which was written in 1952, is unlikely to occur in the exhibition. Since Ronald Reagan’s 1982 quip about Russian-American relations, the metaphor has regularly appeared in the headlines of the international press and has become a proverbial expression that has even found its way into American legalese.
The individual artistic positions are as broad in their appearance and intention as the metaphorical meaning of the exhibition title. Artistic works dominate in which a great affinity to rhythm, structure, materiality and movement resounds. These elements, which can be found both in tango as a dance and in tango music, characterise the exhibition.
What all the invited artists have in common is that they are all participating or have participated in the art mentoring programmes in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern or North Rhine-Westphalia, either as mentees or mentors. The artist Anett Frontzek has been involved in both programmes for several years, which she now links by curating the exhibition. “It takes two to tango” offers some female artists the opportunity for a romantic, playful, intellectual or serious round on the art parquet.