This overview exhibition of the American artist Rodney McMillian (b. 1969, lives in Los Angeles) is the first in Europe to show works from all phases of his career. In the tradition of American Abstract Expressionism and socially critical Post-Minimalism, McMillian has developed a multi-layered, thematically and formally stringent oeuvre.

McMillian transforms discarded products of American consumer culture into impressive, gesturally abstract paintings. Here, as well as in the media of sculpture, installation and video, the artist addresses the role of Black people in art history and in the context of American life. He creates an exemplary material treatise on the social fabric of the USA, which is characterised through and through by categorisations based on class, economic status, race, gender and tradition.

An extensive monograph (Ger/Eng) will accompany the exhibition, published by Spector Books.

Opening on Fri, 15. 3. 2024, 6 pm