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The Great Invocation

Garage Rotterdam, Rotterdam

For his third and final exhibition at Garage Rotterdam, curator Pádraic E. Moore returns to a subject which has preoccupied him for many years; the Utopian function of art. A common denominator that unifies the work of the contributors to this group exhibition is a fascination with unseen worlds and a desire for some form of intuitive transcendence. Through their work the participants in The Great Invocation investigate unexplained laws of nature, the powers latent in the human mind, and alternative ways of accessing hidden knowledge.
Opening – February 5, 2021, 12.30 to 10 PM in time slots
30 people per time slot, reservations via www.garagerotterdam.nl
Brandstof – 6 maart 2021, during Museumnacht010
Natafelen | diner in the exhibition
Last Friday of the exhibition

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