Root Gallery was founded in 2018, by Yvonne de Jong and has grown into an ambitious and ever-evolving art gallery built on collaboration, trust and mutual support. The gallery represents a new generation of Dutch contemporary artists working in different disciplines, each with their own strong and unique signature. Though consistent in their practices, the artists work as hybrid artists which continue to explore their artistic freedom to seek out new pathways, develop further and innovate. The results are made visible in impressive large scale exhibitions. The artists furthermore explore new positions by practising different mediums, by creating installations and by translating artworks to museum pieces, artworks for corporate collections and private collectors while protecting their autonomy. In-depth research into material and its qualities, colour, composition and concept are always at the base.

Root Gallery presents the works of Donald Schenkel, Jan Kuhlemeier, Sophie de Vos, Quinda Verheul, Saïd Kinos, Lisette Schumacher, Freerk Wilbers, Jochem Esser and Karen van de Vliet.