In the summer of 1997, Willem Baars opened his art space in the Plantage neighborhood in Amsterdam. In the first years, the focus was on the art trade, specializing in Modern and Post-War masters. Notable sales included paintings by Andy Warhol, Asger Jorn, Roy Lichtenstein, Damien Hirst, Lucio Fontana and Pierre Bonnard. Willem Baars Projects is more than just a gallery – it is also a knowledge center that organizes lectures and publications, and actively participates in the public debate. In the past twenty years, Willem Baars has published books on a variety of subjects and artists.

From 2003, the activities were expanded with the active representation of artists. The first exhibitions and projects involving contemporary art focused on young Indian artists well before the hype. With the move to our current space at Hoogte Kadijk in 2010, the gallery program was expanded with the representation of a number of prominent Dutch artists.